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Complaint: Filed uncontested divorce Sept, 2010, children were stolen by father, he retained attorney,lied to attorney, judge russell practiced with tom ellis in same firm, i wasn’t given a hearing at temp hearing and children were given to father on temp basis with visitation up to his discretion. As a stay at home mom for 15 yrs. and raising them alone most years, it’s been 2 1/2 years since any contact with them. After being on 4th attorney, finding out DHS opened and closed a case Nov. 2010/Jan. 11 which stated I had supervised visitation. When this was brought to the attention of state reps, congress, bar assoc. etc. , over 2 years later, I am arrested for causing my then 14 year old daughter to strip at a bachelor party with insufficient evidence and lying witness allowed to testify against me. Herberger was my 2nd attorney and signed the arrest affidavit. After setting $25k bail, my vehicle being tampered with, and evidence of life threats and threatening texts and emails, all reports including protective order have been swept under the rug by DA office Walters in Stephens County and Duncan, Ok. PD. PI, I hired for divorce, Hruby, PI from Tri County gave info confided to DA and Sammy J.Brake by me. In the mean time, minor child, 15 year old daughter have had a cohabitant from Juarez with custodial parent Sammy J. Brake of Comanche H.S. 1990. The Juarez Cohabitant, tortilla maker at La Fiesta in Duncan, Ok. is the mother of minor who was allowed to sleep with our daughter and impregnate her which resulted in an abortion from 2010 to recently. Both kids attend Duncan, H.S. where det. John Byers is a gang and youth officer in the county, also a friend and neighbor of Perry Brinegar of ASCOG and uncle of Sammy J. Brake. After the suspicion of corruption, Judge from Jefferson county who leads a child abuse cause happens to be the judge for my prelim hearing on Jan. 7th 2013. So, tell me…Corruption or not? BTW, I am suppose to be getting temp. alimony and support and 40% of military retirement and i’m still not divorced. He was given the kids, house, cars, sold all assets and had a vehicle illegally transferred to his name to sell and buy my little girl a brand new ltz chevy car. 2nd criminal attorney, after alot of money lost n spent on attorneys. I have evidence of Libel, Slander, and so much more! Even evidence the judge, dhs and ex with lawyer met ex parte for divorce temp hearing!

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Address: 121 s 11th duncan, Oklahoma United States of America


Phone: 5804702020

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