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Steve Kudingo was at Remax, Edina Realty Inc, Realty Center, Real Estate Retrievers, Keller Williams; (I DON’T have anything against these Real Estate Companies: Edina Realty Inc, Realty Center, Most recently working for Real Estate Retrievers, Keller Williams as they Just hired Steve A Kudingo. Realtor Steve Kudingo emailed me about an ad I had in the newspaper about wanting to buy a house. He told me he was a realtor and I told him to email me if he had some properties in XXXX. I had made some offers on 2 properties in XXXX with a couple of different realtors . Meanwhile Steve kudingo would periodically email me with regular bank foreclosures listings from late summer to January 2010. Keep in mind I have still never met Steve Kudingo in person and ONLY spoke to him that one time on the phone. He never did a follow up call after his initial phone call back in late August. January 8, 2010 Steve called me out of the blue and told me about some properties in XXXXX that he thought were hot and was exactly what I was looking for. I told him I wasnt interested at this time, because I have been trying to buy 2 houses in XXXX with a couple other realtors. He asked me about the properties. I told them they were houses in XXXXX. He proceeded to tell me that he had a proven method of acquiring homes within a week guaranteed. I stated to Steve I would give him a shot on 1 home and if he could really do this; I would let him do the 2nd home. Steve said great. I then told him about the home in XXXXX. January 10, Steve called me Sunday evening to put in an offer for $22,501 for a home in XXXXX. January 11, the offer Steve Kudingo put in at $22,501 was countered back at $28,800. Steve suggested $22,603. So Steve submitted an offer at $22,603. January 12, again we received a counter offer from at $28,800. Steve said to re-countered at $22,603. Again Steve submitted the counter offer at $22,603. January 15, Friday night Steve called to say the offer from Seller had been accepted at $22,603. He said we need to get together to sign the paperwork and get the earnest money within 48 hours or the deal wont be accepted and the house would go back on the market. I said no problem and why not meet at my new house. That way you (Steve) can finally see what youve been putting in offers on, since he had never seen the house before. Steve said awesome, then asked me if he could go ahead and put an offer in on the other home XXXX. So I told Steve about the other home, I gave him the history of the home, including all offers and counter offers and then the address. He had no knowledge of this home previously. I told Steve that he couldnt put an offer yet, because my other realtor had just put one in. But I would call him and tell him not to put in another offer, so that way you (Steve) could put in an offer Sunday night (January 17, ). Steve again said awesome and asked me what kind of offer did I want to make. I replied $25,000. Steve told me I should put it in at $25,100. I said great lets do it! So lets meet Monday at 10 am at the house. Steve said Ill be there. Monday January 18, Martin Luther King Day First initial physical meeting with Steve Kudingo. Steve met me at the home I had just bought (XXXX). Upon meeting Steve, I asked him how long have you been a realtor? Steve said Ive been in real estate since the early 90s, but just got my license 2 years ago. I asked him, so you know how all this works. Steve said yes, I am very experienced. With that we walk inside and he asked me for a tour, since he had never seen it. After the tour, we signed all the paperwork and I gave him a cashiers check from my bank for $500. I asked Steve what he thought. He said I got a steal on this house and overnight I could sell this house around the low $40,000s without touching it. He then asked me for the listing. I said I wont list it, but if you find me a buyer, Ill give you 3%. Steve nodded. But the asked me how many houses I was looking to buy. I said I would like to buy another 2 to 10 more houses within the next 2-3 years. Steve immediately said great and asked if in the XXXX area. I said yes. Steve said I can guarantee Ill get you this other home and Ill start my search right away. And are you looking to buy and no listing? I said yes, but like I said if you bring me a buyer on any of my houses we buy, Ill give you 3% commission. Steve said awesome, so can I see the other house we put in an offer on? I said absolutely. So Steve followed me to the home in XXXX. He asked me to give him a tour, in which I did. After the tour, I asked Steve, so what do you think a quick sale would be. Immediately Steve said $79,900 overnight without touching a thing. I can guarantee you I can get you this house for between $28,000 and $29,000. So I said perfect. Lets start low and try it at $25,100 again for the first few days and as the week goes on up our prices, until we get it. Steve said I really like that plan. Please keep in mind is closed due to a Government Holiday Martin Luther King day. Tuesday January 19, , Steve sent me an email stating that they countered my offer at $25,100 (from Sunday January 17, and Monday January 18th was a Government Holiday) to $40,800. So, I replied to Steves email: Steve, they were at $43,000 a week ago, so they came down a little bit again. Keep putting in offers the rest of this week. Steve replies by email: No problem, I will put one in everyday. Wednesday January 20, at 3:05 pm, I received an email from Steve Kudingo: Tom, I didnt get an email from them about the listing in XXXXX, so, I looked at the website. And someone from my office sold it. Looks like they were at the 60% mark. So I went on the website and saw it sold for $40,803. This sold price was ONLY $3.00 over what they had just countered to me the day before. .

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