Stevens Construction & Designs, Inc. Review


Robert, AKA Tony Stevens, is a complete hack and should be held criminally responsible. I hired him to to do a front yard project which required tearing out old grass, preparing the ground for artificial turf, digging some holes for trees, then adding a concrete patio. | He required $3,100 upfront 1/3 price of the job, I didn’t know that was illegal. He asked for additional daily. He damaged multiple items on my property which he would not have told me about. for example when he hit my drain pipes with a pick axe he wasn’t going to say anything, when I saw it he didn’t offer to fix it. When I told him it needed to be fixed he said he would duct-tape it, when I objected to that he then said he would put some other tape over it. This was going to be pipe under concrete with root exposure. I told him it had to be replaced, which I was required to purchase the parts. He replaced the line however there are still holes in it. He then hit my main irrigation line and wanted to fix it by putting a coupler underneath the concrete, again I had to purchase the parts and demand he fix the line. The story goes on and on, he later hit a different drainage line and tapped it up without saying anything to me. | He will scheme you for money, take my and others advice on here. He cuts as many corners as you will allow, will try to work ahead to lock you into to paying for more services before he’s finished others. | COMPLETE FRAUD AND HACK. HIRE THIS CLOWN and you will get a CIRCUS.


  • Name: Stevens Construction & Designs, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Chula Vista
  • Address: 1495 Via Hacienda
  • Phone: (619) 576-3177
  • Website:

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