Stevi Pardue – McCalla, Alabama Alabama


I have been married for 14 years and have always trusted my husband completely because he never had given me a reason to question his loyalty. However, in November 2014 he began to act a little strange and at first I didn’t really think alot about it because we had been dealing with some issues concerning our oldest daughter and our then 10 month old grandson and trying to get settled into our new home. He was working alot of overtime which left me at home alone raising our youngest daughter and our grandson because he only has one off day a week. On Friday Dec.5th I got an overwhelming urge to check his phone records, which I have NEVER done before, and it was at that moment that my life and my marriage,as I had known it, ended. There was almost constant correspondence with one number and even though I didn’t recognize the number, I knew immediately who it was. I traced the number and it was no surprise that it was Stevi Pardue ‘ s cell #. She was a friend of his cousins whom he had all of a sudden grown close to, and she grew up in the same neighborhood as he, the neiborhood we had just moved to 10 months prior to this. I confronted him immediately and he admitted that the two of them were talking and hanging out but he said that they had not had sex but had made plans to go to her aunts house to hook up that weekend, and she of course denied having sex as well. She beat a 22 year old boy into a coma and he died 2 days later as a result of eleven days after I found out about the affair she had with my husband. So due to her heinous crime I have been unable to confront her eye to eye. I blame my husband because he is the one who vowed to love, cherish and honor me but she knew that he was married just as he did. She lacks morals,self respect,respect for others, respect for human life and is a trashy tramp. Maybe in prison she will find someone that won’t keep their relationship hidden in the shadows.

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