STG Auto Group of Montclair Review


DON’T DO IT. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!! | Here’s the abridged version of what I experienced with these guys: | I found a car that I liked on their website, I live over an hour away so I called to verify that it was still available. When I arrived, the salesman I spoke with said that the vehicle was not there…. he said that they had moved a bunch of cars that morning and that he had some other (newer and more expensive) ones that I could test drive instead. | I informed him that I had just called an hour earlier, so it didn’t make sense why, even if they had moved vehicles in the morning, why it would not be on the lot. I asked him, where the car was now, and he said, Garden Grove. So, I could wait for it to get there, and drive other cars in the meantime. | I got so annoyed with the situation (I just drove and hour and now I am going to wait another hour, no thanks) I just left. Shortly after that, the sales manager, Joseph, called me and apologized about what had happened and claimed that the guy that I talked to was new, and, that the car was actually two minutes away if I wanted to come back. | Even if that was true — why would they let someone take the car on a test drive when I just called ahead and had an appointment to come drive it? That’s outrageous, even if it is true. I believe that they just wanted me to think that the car was in high-demand. But who knows what the truth was, at that point it did not matter. Even if I loved the car, I am not going to support a business that conducts unethical sales techniques. | I explained this to Joseph, he did not listen, he basically kept begging me to come back. He would not let me off of the phone, he kept asking me questions and not listening to what I was saying in response. He behaved like an immature, kook. I explained that there was absolutely no way I was coming back, I was done, but he persisted. | Eventually I said, “I am hanging up now,” and just hung up. After this, he proceeded to text me ten times, offering to deliver the car, sending pictures of the car, and offering to ‘make it right’, etc… very desperate and unprofessional to say the least. | Don’t waste your time with these guys. UPDATE: It’s been three days and they are still calling and texting me.


  • Name: STG Auto Group of Montclair
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Montclair
  • Address: 10325 Central Ave
  • Phone: 1 855-463-8402
  • Website:

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