Stonehollow Homes Review


Take it from me a Stonehollow home owner in Sherman Texas. These are the last people you want buy a new home from. | They lie about everthing, they always have excuses for why things are not completed as they should be, or when they should be. | Don’t buy a home based on the model, because I can tell you the quality of you home won’t be as good as the model. | If you do buy a home from them? Please take my word for it, no matter what they tell you or promiss you don’t close on until everthing is done completely. They will tell you that they will fix things after closing and that things will be covered by the warranty and then they will drag their feet until the warranty time runs out . Then you will get a letter from them telling you they they are not fixing things. | Photos of issues with house to be attached later.


  • Name: Stonehollow Homes
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Sherman
  • Address: 4709 Camp Verde Circle
  • Phone: 469-237-6320
  • Website:

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