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Complaint: It can be supremely concluded that there is in fact personality cult worship as well as other errors involved with Stormie Omartian and her ministry and regardless of whatever endorsement Michael Omartian in the book “The Power of A Praying Husband”” may give these cannot be bypassed or overlooked. These include: 1. Personality Cult Worship: Stormie Omartian’s popularity has led many to focus more on her rather than on God which had led many to fall in love with her instead of God. This is personality cult worship to the highest degree where the personality of a person or an individual is exalted to such a degree where such a person is lifted up above God who should always be truly lifted up instead of any singular individual or group of individuals. This cannot be argued with because this indeed has been clearly and truly seen with Stormie Omartian. 2. Misuse of The Topic of Prayer: The topic of prayer has been clearly misused for money making purposes. This has indeed been the case because Stormie has many spinoff materials other than her larger books that she makes money from. These include minibooks which are extractions of prayers from her larger books

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Phone: etc. It is a shame that the topic of prayer itself is being used here for monetary gain but this is clearly what is going on here and which can indeed be greatly seen. 3. Substitution Issues: There is also the issue of substitution where one feels compelled to substitute one’s own natural ability to pray with Stormie Omartian’s own prayer books. One fails to realize that natural prayer that one can themselves come up with in their own language can be many times the best prayers to pray rather than store-bought prayers from prayer books which are prayers that can come from the mind of another individual entirely. It can be seen that there are major flaws and errors with Stormie Omartian and these deserve to be highlighted for all to see in this report.”

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