Strategic Roofing David LaSalla will gladly take your money with no intention of completing the work! Olathe Kansas Review


This man is a thief!!! nIn July of 2011 we gave Mr. David Andrew LaSalla a deposit in the amount of $2500. We signed a contract to stain our fence and replace our roof and screens. They completed the work on our fence however they used a different stain then what was in our agreement. The color was not correct but we did not complain. It is February and we are still waiting for our roof replacement. Mr. LaSalla will not return our phone calls and has stopped responding to our emails. The local address they use is nothing but a UPS drop box. I have tried calling all the different phone numbers on their website. Calls are never answered by a representative of the company but instead an answering service. Phone calls are never returned!! we have accepted that we are likely out our $2500 and are now left with finding another company to repair the damage from a hail storm earlier this year. My intention here is to alert others before they do business with this man. His actions are not only irreprehensible but also illegal!! nI know we are not the only one’s who have fallen victim to this man. My next door neighbor was taken advantage of in the same way. He clearly has a history as seen from the article below From An Ohio mortgage broker, whose offices were recently raided by postal inspectors and local police, helped finance home improvements that were not performed. nNamed as defendants in two separate lawsuits filed in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court were Assured Builders Inc. and President David LaSalla, and Expert Renovators, Inc. and its principal, Cosmo Cravatta, of Canton. Neither company could be reached for comment.n”The defendants accepted tens of thousands of dollars from consumers for the promise of home repairs and renovations that were either poorly done or never done

“” Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro commented in a written statement. “”Their targeting of property owners in lower-income neighborhoods was particularly reprehensible.”” Below are pictures of those affiliated with this company. These have been taken directly from their website. Its interesting that David does not have a picture of himself. Watch out for these guys!! David Andrew LaSalla – nManaging Member

Sales Manager Corporate (photo coming soon …) n Dean Luciusn Compliance Manager

n International Code Council


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