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I went to see a podiatrist, Dr. Stuart Mogul in New York at the beginning of 2013. I had 1 toe that was giving me pain (right foot, 4th toe). Dr. Stuart told me that he would need to perform surgery on 3 toes to relieve my pain (1st, 4th and 5th toe on right foot). The 1st toe would need to have extensive bunyon corrections that would be more invasive that the typical bunyon surgery. He said I would need to walk on crutches for 5 weeks. I thought this was extreme since the 1st toe wasn’t giving me problems, but I trusted that he knew best. He said that he could use a very fancy stitching technique so that the scar would be less noticeable. On surgery day, Dr. Stuart was 2 hours late, however he performed the surgery that day. I was in terrible pain for weeks after surgery which is probably normal since this was a very invasive procedure. However, I developed an infection that put me in the emergency room for a day It seems that Dr. Stuart did not do a very good job on the fancy stitches that he gave me and this is the reason for the extremely painful infection that I had. I had to make visits to the wound clinic for debris removal and no one can imagine how painful it is to let someone clean an infected wound. Over the next several months, I have continued to suffer with pain. It has now been 8 months and I have continued pain in the toes that he worked on. In fact, the toes that hurt most are the ones that he talked me into doing surgery on, not the original toe that sent me to the podiatrist. I wish I had got a second opinion about Dr.Stuartís plan to operate on toes that did not even hurt. He made alot of money on me and all I have left is a struggle to feel normal again. I am female and I cannot wear heels or nice shoes. I cannot run. I do not walk properly even after physical therapy. There is not a day that I do not have pain and the pain is way worse than it was prior to surgery. I will always see Dr. Stuart in my nightmares and remember how he stole a part of me that I may never have back. I have recently visited an Orthopedic Surgeon in town and he will be performing a revision surgery to try and help me regain what Dr. Stuarttook from me. Warning: Do not let this podiatrist Dr. Stuart Mogul operate on you. You should see what he did to my foot.

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