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A month after my first flight had been deemed ineligible for my trip to Italy, I booked a second flight. While waiting for the consulate to approve my second flight, I submitted a transaction dispute for my first one. To put things in perspective, I’m leaving in July, and this is the first time I’ve traveled alone like this, so I just wanted to get everything done asap before the time gets the best of me. Student Universe refused to refund me the first flight, so I had my bank involve and they disputed the transaction for me. Now Student Universe determines to screw me over with my second flight, by canceling it, if I don’t agree to pay for the first one. Since the flight is tied to the eligibility of my visa documents, and I’m leaving in 4 weeks, I don’t have enough time to send my paper back to the consulate and have them approve another flight. It would take them at least a week to even get back to me. I have been planning for this trip for a very long time and cannot afford to skip it all, so I will unhappily pay for both flights. Student Universe has greatly dissatisfied a customer.

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