SubDealer Review


These guys are complete scam artists. They do not actually offer the services posted on thier webisite and they do NOT have a contract with the brands on thier website… | They use large brand name logos on thier site to get D2D Sales companies to call them but in reality all they do is steal your people for themselves. I should have known better when I never heard of them before and they calimed to have contracts with all these big brands. I called many of the brands on thier site and those companies have NEVER heard of them and they will be taking legal action to have thier logos removed from their site for branding violations. | Do not be fooled by thier deceptive practices and make sure you do not give them any information or they will use it against you! |


  • Name: SubDealer
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City:
  • Address: Dallas
  • Phone: (214)-843-1821
  • Website:

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