Substandard Product at Higher Price Article


This is again one of those Computer dealers who provide you substandard Computers for higher prices and then behave rudely with you. So I went to this dealer and got a Computer From them. After long hours of searching I found a Computer that was Good to go. Because most of the Computers were not up to Quality and maintenance. The store assistant was least interested in helping me out with my queries or showing me a Computer. He was rather rude in giving me any kind of information. Moreover he lacked Knowledge and Skills to understand or communicate With me.

After I buy the Computer, I was informed of many hidden charges that they had kept from me and that my finance company would not be paying for the hidden fees. Even after Finance Company paying them full value of the Computer. I have not received the computer delivery yet and the customer service that i would not do so if i did not clear out the hidden charges. So I’m sitting at home losing work losing payment just because of them. Moreover They’re sending me bills for payment whereas the Finance Company informed that I do not have any other liability because they had paid the full value of the Computer. And only thing that I was liable to was being my Finance company for the Computer. I have been constantly receiving this and being threatened through phone calls that they would forfeit the Computer if the payment was not made.Right. Now I’m going through the hectic process of seeking legal help for myself. Definitely. This is not something that I would ever want to deal with again.

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