Subway Sandwich Shops Bedford Virginia


Complaint: Subway advertises nationally via media that in a particular month…. in this case-March… a 6″ subway sandwich is on sale for $3. Local Subway shop sells the six inch sandwich advertised for $3 at full retail of over $4 at checkout… ignoring Subway corporate advertised pricing. I wrote a complaint to Subway Corporate Offices advising them of the sales practice of local shop and they ignored my complaint. In the letter

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Address: I enclosed Subway “”rewards”” card having accumulated point advising them I would not ever shop at Subway again and had no need of their point awards. Apparently

Website: why be concerned that they allow their franchises to ignore national pricing. Color me gone Subway.”

Phone: Subway has implemented a business model based on past successes that now can be interpreted as “”for each customer lost

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