Sugar Daddy For Me Review


I signed up with sugar daddy for me a fake dating website. I thought i was getting a 3 day trial but obviously i was wrong. The mistake i made was uploading photos because when I typed in my user name and sugar daddy for me in the google bar. they exposed my photos five times on the google page and i am wondering if the other men and women know that they do this. The site is totally fake and a scam there are not real sugar daddys on this site. There is nothing but perverts weirdos and strange people on this site. I called the company five times to tell them to please take my photos off of google off of the the internet. I literally had to scream at these people i had to threaten them that if they did not take my photos down i would sue them and they would hear from my attorney! They blew my photos up to life size i could not believe this and they did it to other members too. Plus they charged me when i never even joined the site. I only signed up for three days they said it was a free trial and would not charge my card but they did three times. I was really pissed. My photos were very nice and respectable. For future reference anyone wanting to sign up for this site please beware because they will take your money and expose you! They will even tell people where you live. It is not safe or legit at all!

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