Suite Food Lounge Review


Unprofessional, disrespectful & unorganized staff. Trice who I scheduled the V.I.P through is a liar! I reserved a VIP section and was told we have an unlimited guest list until 11:30 with immediate entrance, 20 wrist bands and a dedicated waitress. | Several of my guest we’re turned away before 11:30, the VIP line is extremely slow and packed. Nothing about the V.I.P line was immediate and the regular line moved much faster. I didn’t receive the 20 wrist bands at the door and was told by the staff that I needed to re-read my contract, interestingly the 20 bands are listed as clear as day yet still not honored. | My waitress was everything except dedicated and was missing the majority of the night but was paid a mandatory 20% percent gratuity that she didn’t work for. At one point over 10 members of the V.I.P section walked to the bar because the waitress wasn’t able to be located. We had to hunt her down for more ice, clean glasses, to have the table cleaned and the hookah refilled. She wasn’t worth $30. | Suite Lounge in Atlanta advertises themselves as a an “upscale” yet several men were wearing sneakers on a Saturday night. Even the staff looks mediocre, nothing upscale about this place except the staircase and the look of the bar which sells the watered down drinks. | Security came to us yelling that we needed to exit the VIP stage immediately because the club was closed but the dancefloor was still packed. The DJ didn’t signal that the club was closing, at the end of a upbeat song he asked if he could play another song and was told no, he then stated the club was closed. | First and last time visiting this place, I wasted over $1,300 on an experience that wasn’t worth $300. Suite Lounge in Atlanta may be suitable if you’re paying regular entrance and have already had drinks before you arrive because the DJs were decent, but if you are going to spend over $30 I’d suggest you take your business elsewhere.


  • Name: Suite Food Lounge
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Atlanta
  • Address: 375 Luckie St NW
  • Phone: 404-577-2500
  • Website:

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