Summer Bay Resort, Orlando outside US Other Review


I was invited by a friend to attend an all expense paid vacation in November last year hosted by Summerbay Resort, orlando. I was not involved in the process of dealing with Summerbay from the beginning as it was my friend who won the package. The only requirement was to attend a compulsory 90 minute presentation. nWell I live to regret having gone on that vacation. It is costing me to date. I was pressured into purchasing a timeshare at the resort with all sorts of promises and what a bargain I was getting. I had to make a decision there and then or I would lose this once in a lifetime package. nI fell for all the false promises made such as free vacations for the rest of your life, huge discounts on airline tickets and this great RCI programme allowing you to vacation in over 100 countries around the world. Certain necessary details were left out such as their cancellation policy and hidden charges such as RCI membership fees. nI was lied to, being told that the I could sell my timeshare tomorrow after purchase. It was mine to be sold – true but never a mention of the market value. As a matter of fact I was told that I could a good sale price for this timeshare. A real true investment I have been told. nWell almost a year later, due to personal reasons, I have tried to sell my timeshare even contacting Summerbay to assist me in this process. I am learning alot now about what I have been caught up in. I have learnt that summerbay resorts have no resale value on the current market and that there is no buy back policy from Summerbay. nI need help! nRegardsnFooled and lied to. nAnonymousnoutside USSouth America Orlando, Florida U.S.A.



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