Sun Valley Beach Villa Rica Georgia Review


Right from the start I was dissapointed, $20.00 for adults & seventeen for children. The put-put corse was small with no grass and obviously had not been used in a long time. As soon as we got into the pool it seemed to be loaded down with clorine. We learned later from a life guard that it was loaded down with chemicals that morning after they had found a used tampon floating in the water. The sand was full of mold around the edge of the pool, the slides outer coating was peeling off, nails were sticking out from under the wooden platforms, the picnic areas were unuasable, the bathrooms had not been cleaned, no paper towels, no soap, missing tiles above the shower area and too many other safety hazards to list. This place needs to be shut down!

5350 Holloman Rd Powder Springs, Georgia United States of America


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