Suncoast Braces


Robert Sheridan AKA Suncoast Braces AKA charged me nearly 6000.00 for orthodontist treatment by placing braces on, and removing them without getting my teeth in their proper location. Leaving me with multi-stages of malocclusion and a Class 3 open bite, of which Robert Sheridan tried to cover up by adding analgium vs getting my teeth shifted correctly. Also, my lower midline is off and canine teeth were not moved to proper locations, this was confirmed by 3 separate orthodontists in the area.

2 out of the 3 orthodontists said to “go back to Sheridan and make him fix it he ‘should’ be able to do it”, the 3rd thankful said he would fix my Class III open bite and host of other issues for over 5500.00

I feel the biggest mistake was believing the 5-star reviews of Suncoast Braces. You would never have known that most if not all of the 5-star reviews were generated by heckling patients to do so, in exchange for points. Their website allows you to log in, click on get more points, and then it shows you all the places you can get points for reviews. These points are then converted into gift cards for stores. I find this morally bankrupt, but that is how they’re doing it.

In my opinion, everyone should avoid both Robert Sherida and Suncoast Braces.

They are selling an atmosphere of a Dr. trying to speed run thru patients while trying to dazzle you with donuts, cookies, brownies and pop-corn all of which any informed Dentist would know are all bad for your teeth.

I wish I had heard any of the non-paid for reviews, but seeing the large quantity 5 star views, it almost looked like they were excellent, boy did I sure find out that the hard way. After wasting 7000.00 and 3 years of my life, I now know that a large quantity of 5 star reviews is totally meritless when there are gift cards dangling on a stick for little kids to want.

To anyone reading this looking for a great orthodontist. Make sure you hire one that does the job by COMPLETED WORK not selling you a limited time period, and also make sure you pick one that cooperates with the Florida Dental Association, if you pick one that is NOT with them, you may be in for a world of headaches.

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