Sunset Auto Review


Lets start from the very beginning here, I had just gotten hired for a job that required RELIABLE vehicle transportation. | So I began looking online where I found SUNSET AUTO in Orem UT. I inquired about the vehicle by calling and talked to MARIA a.k.a. LYING FRAUD, the receptionist. She informed me the vehicle was still available. I SPECIFICALLY asked if the car had any issues with it whatsoever. Her DECEITFUL RESPONSE, was the vehicle had no issues at all other than some wear and tear in the seats. | I asked again, she assured me there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE. | Not having a vehicle, I took an hour and a half long train ride to these SCAMMERS. The biggest one being the shady car salesman EVAN. Who said there were 6 other people who wanted to buy the same vehicle. LIES. Also said, “I would get this car for my son but it’s too much car for him”. MORE LIES!! | These MISLEADING, UNTRUTHFUL con artists are the only ones that make you fill out a “test drive form”. The car started just fine and the check engine light was not on. Because they had turned it off! | The only reason why I was interested in the vehicle was for the “Low Internet Price that must be mentioned at the dealership” but at the dealership it was the SAME PRICE that it was listed for on the internet. Another DECEPTIVE sales tactic. | After adding the dealership fees, the vehicle came out to be PRICED HIGHER than its bluebook value! That’s because these lying pieces of filth, added $1,000 in dealership fees. The CROOKED DISHONEST SALESMAN Evan’s excuse? “Oh, well theres registration and we do all that here” After receving the registration paper, come to find it was only $80!!! | Once I drove the vehicle for a few days, the check engine light came on! RED FLAG. Why was it not on when I test drove it, because they had it turned off! Which the guy in charge of this UNTRUTHFUL operation (Rich) said the mechanics they use turn it off. So if it was at the mechanic, THEY MUST HAVE KNOWN about the Cylinder 3 MISFIRE then!! Instead of fixing it, they HIDE IT by turning off the check engine light and telling me the car is in perfect condition….MORE LIES!!! | NOT EVEN HAVING MADE MY FIRST CAR PAYMENT, IT BREAKS DOWN ON THE FREEWAY!!! | Here’s where the fun part starts, $81 to have it towed to my house, another $50 to have it towed again to a mechanic. Plus I lost out on money I was going to make had I had reliable vehicle transportation and not missed work that day. | The mechanic informs me that the timing belt snapped and it would be $1,700 total after replacing the timing belt, water pump, valves, head gasket, doing labor costs, etc. | After paying expensive cab fares for two weeks to get to work, I got it back but not more than 2 weeks, before it starts smoking out the tail pipe!!! What now? A tiny crack in the cylinder and the head has to be replaced…Another $300!!!!! | How am I getting to work now? I’m not, because I was fired for not having transportation to get there!!! | $2,331 I HAVE SPENT TOTAL FOR DOING BUSINESS WITH SUNSET AUTO, NEARLY HALF THE PRICE OF THE CAR!!!! | They REFUSE to compensate for any of my losses, whatsoever, NOT A DIME. | BOTTOM LINE: These people DO NOT CARE AT ALL about what they are selling you, my advice to anyone who is interested in one of their vehicles, DON’T DO IT!!!!! I AM OUT OVER $2,000 FOR TRUSTING THESE PEOPLE!!!!


  • Name: Sunset Auto
  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • City: Orem
  • Address: 1136 N State St
  • Phone: (801) 228-1710
  • Website:

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