Sunset North Car Wash Atascadero California


Complaint: I’ve been going here for a couple of years for a quick wash (even though they do a crappy job). so far I’ve had my truck scratched, Metal valve stems stolen, a small scratch on back window (1/2″)

Tags: Car Washes

Address: vinyl lettering power-washed off (when I told them NOT to power-wash the lettering) and usually they don’t get all of the dirt off. 17 days after I got new ceramic tint installed

Website: BUT she said that the employees at the car wash did NOT clean the inside windows (she wasn’t even there…WTF!She stated that Sunset North would NOT take responsibility for their employees damaging my ceramic tint. When I asked for their insurance company name & phone number

Phone: I took it in for a wash and told them “”Do Not Touch The Inside Windows Because of New Tint””.When I looked up

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