Super Host Cleaners Review


On the website, I have a profile where I am seeking employment. I got a message this morning (Sunday August 7th 2016) from a guy claiming to be "Joey Tai & Susan". The part that concerns me about him is that he asked me to email him my ID before coming for an interview! He said that he might interview me in person on Monday or Tuesday. He hasn’t told me a location for an interview, nor a time (just Monday or Tuesday, that’s all). I have never had an employer ask me to show them my ID before coming to a job interview. I am concerned this might be an identity theft scheme. I don’t understand why they can’t wait one or two days for me to bring my driver’s license to them in person. . Joey’s employer ID # on the nannyservices website is 107075. I didn’t find a listing for this business name on the bbb website. I also googled the name of the company, and only found some ads on Craigslist and Kijiji, and the website of the company. His first message to me said "Hi [someone else’s name]", so I’m worried that he might be trying to collect data on other job seekers on the nannyservices website. I phoned my mom and dad and boyfriend, and they all said they weren’t sure it was legitimate or not.

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