Superior Appliance Repair Brooklyn New York Review


I made the mistake of trusting this company, being that Iu2019ve used them a few times in the past and, although they seemed a little expensive, they would get the appliance fixed and so I would look the other way at what sometimes seemed to be high prices. Well, this time I happened to have a problem that I was able to solve myself and, in the process, realized what a scam they have going on. I called them for a dishwasher repair and, as usual, they charge $65 just to come give you an estimate. Since they supposedly apply that fee to the cost of the repair later, I paid itu2014even though the technician barely looked at the dishwasher for even 3 minutes before leaving and saying I need a new gasket, and I trusted that an honest quote would follow. When they quoted me $245, I was shocked. I called them and they wouldnu2019t budgeu2014nor would they even explain the breakdown of the price. They said a manager would have to call me back to explain that. The manager never did. I called a second time, with no manager, and no explanation. In the meantime, I was able to find the same part (essentially a piece of rubber) brand new on for roughly $35. Whatu2019s more, after some research, I found that my gasket only needed to be cleaned, not replaced (it had no wear, cracks, or deformation). But, the real kicker was that it took me all of 10 minutes to fix. After calling another couple of times, I finally got a breakdown of the price (despite them refusing to give me a manager). The breakdown was $75 for the part and $175 for labor. Considering that I can get the part for $35 and the whole installation could be done in 10 minutes flat, I was shocked. I called them back yet again and demanded to speak to a manager. Again, I was given some vague answer that he was in a meeting. I pointed out that although I could understand making some profit on the part, 100% profit is being piggish. And, although I could understand being compensated for the professional labor, paying what is essentially a rate of $1,050 per hour is highway robbery. The obnoxious woman on the phone argued with me and tried to justify what amounts to $1,050 per hour labor charge by saying that they are u201cprofessionalsu201d and that Iu2019m paying for their expertise. I told her that I have lawyers who donu2019t even take half that amount, and I would assume they went to school a lot longer than a u201cprofessionalu201d dishwasher repairman. In the end, this just revealed to me how much theyu2019re gauging their customers (and Iu2019m even a repeat customeru2014foolish me, but youu2019d think theyu2019d show some gratitude toward repeat customers!!!). It also made me realize what a scam they have going on, where they take the customeru2019s $65 for the service call, knowing that theyu2019re now already u201cinu201d for $65 and would likely be more willing to pay higher, more exorbitant prices, just so as not to lose the $65 outlay. The proof of that was their lack of reasonable explanation or defense when confronted when I unintentionally realized just HOW exorbitant those fees are.

535 Dahill Rd Brooklyn, New York USA

(718) 854-1600


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