Superior Limousine Service Review


Right let me start firstly by saying that if there were negative stars then this is what I would choose. Now where to begin with this horrendous ordeal? I chose this limousine company due to its name – ‘superior’, they need to change the name as it is misleading. The cars smell of s**t, literally, s**t mixed with some kind of urine and puke aroma. So inferior limousine (I changed the name for them ) lie about the car they are going to send you, when you are waiting to be taken around Atlanta in style and some car turns up which looks like a piece of junk I was absolutely mortified. The driver was so rude when I was trying to say are there no other cars as this is not what I paid for, he basically told me to ‘f’- off! Not only did they think that it was ok to not only send a vehicle which is not even worthy to be called a limo, they had the audacity to charge my card 6 times! I went absolutely mental! How incompetent can someone be to do this? How dare they! When in contact with the business owner Imran Alam, he said that I had never been a customer and he didn’t know who I was – I have Facebook messages between us as we have mutual friends! The man is a thief and a liar and if you know what is good for you, DO NOT EVER use this company. After digging rather deep on Imran himself and speaking to many people, I have found that I am not the only one. Everyone beware of this man, he has been bankrupt and has a criminal record and tries to steal and lie his way out of bad situations. He stole thousands of dollars from people and thinks he can keep getting away with it. Straight up con-artist. Once he has a customers money he takes it and runs. Seriously, take your money and go to any other limo company other than this one, unless you want to give a dirty old man your hard earned money and for him to take it and give nothing in return.

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