Supermodels Unlimited Magazine Brandon Florida


Complaint: We were invited to come to LA for a charity runway show that was being held during the grammys. We would meet stars and the $600 dollars we paid was suppose to go to an animal shelter. Jan 2010 Then we were invited to come to Aruba for a photo shoot and get a spread or cover. We got a head shot in the magazine. We paid $600 for the shoot only. Not the pictures. They were extra. July 2010 Then we were invited to Washington, DC, for a photo shoot for $600 for a page in the magazine. We have never seen the pictures. September 2010 Then in October 2010, they told us if we got 5 girls to shoot in Charleston, SC we could shoot for $500 with a promise of a cover. Never happened. In Jan 2011 They told us if we got 7 girls to commit to Spartanburg,SC, shoot we could have a cover and not pay any money. We did the shoot but did not make the magazine.

Tags: Sales People

Address: 155 Industrial Drive Northampton, Massachusetts United States of America


Phone: 8777985994

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