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Complaint: I am filing an official complaint of unethical business practices and requesting financial restitution, against Supplier Source, LLC and ALL itu2019s associated companies and individuals. I was originally contacted by David Miller of Empyre Business Solutions online via what I now know to be spam, about a online business opportunity. This man, even though a very smooth talker was aggressive in his approach to signing me up and convinced me that this was an opportunity of a lifetime, promising me that I would be making a lot of money in a very short period of time. I feel I was groomed into taking on what he believed to be a business opportunity and what I now know to be a scam. He told me that they were only looking for highly motivated people to accept into their program and that to be accepted Iu2019d have to make my decision, that is say yes u2013 on the spot. There was no cooling off period offered. To be accepted into the program cost me USD$4,000.00 paid via credit card. A representative from Supplier Source, Brandon Smith, contacted me and explained the program in more detail u2013 It all sounded above board at the time u2013 the cost for the program, 6 months of one-one coaching + webinars + access to over 5000 suppliers + access to over 50,000 products + website design + social media setup would be USD$12,000.00. I talked them down to USD$10,000.00 which was paid via credit card ; still thinking the program was legitimate and after signing the contract I was told that to gain access to the social media program, this would cost me another USD$2,500.00 There was a heated phone call over these extra costs, but they had me believing that the program would not work without these additional services. In total I have paid USD$16,500. I was then passed on to my so-called coach Marty Twelves whose coaching style was flaccid; he seemed uninterested and often cancelled my coaching session with very little notice. I was following the training in good faith yet doing things such as reselling items from a Walmart or sears catalogue with an added 15% on top plus shipping built into the price. I was not entirely sure how this was going to work u2013 why would someone buy something from me that they could get from the original source at a better price? I am working from Australia so I do not understand how the American market works so I believed them when they told me that people would buy from me based on my customer service. In good faith I continued the program. I followed all the training webinars and put into place everything that I was coached to do, even though at times it did not sit right with my work ethics. The fact that they set up my social media accounts ie., facebook & twitter with false u2018likesu2019 and u2018followersu2019 made me feel very uncomfortable u2013 but they assured me it was quite acceptable. I now know my feelings were true in that it is not good business ethics at all. Supplier Source failed to inform me of several factors in creating the kind of business they promised: I was lead to believe that I would need to invest 10-12 hours a week of my time to make large amounts of income. Not true u2013 it requires many more hours. Supplier Source failed to inform me that SEO is in itself a full-time job that requires skillsets that I do not have. Suppliers Source failed to inform me that Social Media Marketing is in itself a full-time job, which requires regular up-to-date training of which their own webinars do not cover. Supplier Source failed to inform me that Blogging is also on itu2019s own a full-time job requiring further training that is in no way covered in their webinars. Supplier Source failed to inform me that the coaching program and subsequent online business drop-ship model would in actual fact be a full time job. – I am unable to work full-time due to a disability, so this alone has caused me undue stress, ill health and fatigue. Supplier Source failed to inform me that I would have to spend more money on business and marketing training, web design and back-end coding as well as further social media training because their training and webinars was not sufficient. TO THIS DAY – 18MONTHS LATER I HAVE NOT MADE ONE SALE, NOT ONE CENT! My relationship with my Life Partner has suffered a great deal of stress almost to the point of breaking down because of the pressures of the cost to invest in the program and the fact that Empyre Business Solutions and Supplier Source have failed to keep their end of the agreement. The insurmountable hours I have put into this business with absolutely no results has placed an enormous stress on my already existing health condition, which has impacted negatively on my family life and relationships. Furthermore during my time with Supplier Source I discovered: During my coaching program, Supplier Source (including others operating as a common enterprise) was taken to court by the FTC u2013 Case No. 2:14-cv-00088-DB. They had a restraining order filed against them – the business was temporarily suspended, leaving me in a dire position of absolutely no point of contact. During this time I was not informed of their situation; not informed that they were unable to conduct business; not informed of how long this situation would take to be resolved. No contact was made with me to advise of their situation. During this time, I was unable to conduct business on my own website because of my domainu2019s attachment to Supplier Source being that it was registered under their business name, stopping me from accessing back-end protocols at which point my business was suspended for 6 weeks until I was able secure the registered domain name into my own name. This complaint is being filed with the Federal Trade Commission as well as the Utah Division of Consumer protection and anywhere else I can find to file the complaint. This complaint is filed against Supplier Source and all their associates who maintain a common enterprise, multi-phase, multi-million dollar Internet and telemarketing scheme. They use a multitude of corporate names and deceptive tactics to induce consumers to pay thousands of dollars for a business model that does not end up making the kind of substantial revenue promised. The following is a list of companies associated with Supplier Source, most of which are based in Utah and with whom this complaint is also against: Apply Knowledge, LLC aka Apply Knowledge Institute, Coaching Department. Dahm International, LLC Dominion of Virgo Investments, Inc Ecommerce Support, LLC u2013 Idaho Essent Media, LLC Evertex Solutions, LLC Evi, LLC aka Members Learning Centre Nemrow Consulting, LLC Novus North, LLC aka My Mentoring, Yes International LLC, Your Commerce Support International, LLC. Purple Buffalo, LLC 365DailyFit, LLC Vi Education, LLC u2013 Nevada The following is a list of individuals associated with Supplier Source, LLC David Gregory Bevan Jessica Bjarnson Phillip Edward Gannuscia Chad Huntsman Richard Nemrow Jeffrey Nicol Thomas J Riskas III Babata Sonnenberg Ken Sonnenberg I believe that all of these companies and individuals are collectively responsible for the deceptive practices that have affected me; my mental health, my financial status and the negative impact on my personal relationships and that of the many consumers who were mislead by false promises. Permanent Injunction to discontinue their misleading and deceptive business practices and financial restitution to me and all those who’ve been ripped off is the only outcome acceptable.

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