Unable to reach support or any other part of company


My Complaint: My computer locked up with a message that I was to call a phone number to get it unlocked. No other way to do it. So I called, they “scanned” it for free, told me it would cost $300.00 to “clean” it and another $300.00 for a 1-yr support program. I was stupid and went for it. Took me over a week to get a receipt for the $600.00. Now, the phone, both toll-free and regular number has been disconnected, and no response from emails. I screwed up, please don’t do the same. I was played for a fool and learned a $600.00 lesson. Their karma, my loss. I can only hope they leave my computer alone in the future.


My Demand: Entire refund desired but not expected, not with this type of organization.

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