I went to their website to purchase a moving business bond. They sold me the wrong bond and will not refund my money, and then turned around and told me they want almost $4K for the bond I need. Everyone in the United States charges $200 to $350 for the correct bond we need, I found shopping for the bond again. | We paid them almost $200 for the bond and thought it was a good buy. We asked them to fill out a form for the state of Florida and they told us they will not and the bond we have is the wrong bond, and they want to charge $4K for the bond we need. That is their way of scamming small business for thousands of dollars. No one charges that much for a bond for a moving company. NO ONE. | It is their fault they sold me the wrong bond. I bought it online their website should go by the type of bond I need when I did put in the type of bond needed. I asked them to refund my money for the wrong bond their website sold me and they refused to do so, unless I purchased the new $4k bond.


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