Sweet Tea Cup Pup Store Review


Tried to buy a Yorkie for my disabled 4 year old daughter and a Yorkie for my sister, was told they were giving me the puppy at no charge for adoption but would have to pay $500 for one puppy or $900 for 2 puppies to have her shipped by airplane to me. Was told two hours later that Petsafetransport.com had the puppy and that I just had to call and pay them by money gram. So went to the website after received an email from seller with a confirmation code and entered the code in to track the puppies and pay for their transport. Sent an error code back and stated not valid tracking #. Then select link for Online Payment and says currently unavailable. So then looked up phone number on google for the pet transport and stated was scam but did not list the seller as scammer so wanted to report.

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