Swell Ecomm Enterprises Limited Review


When I originally saw the ad for these insoles, I figured it would be great for my family . I decided to order 4 pairs, as they had a bulk price.. the more you ordered, the better the price. I placed the order for the 4 pairs and when I finished entering the Pay Pal info and completed the transaction, it took me to another screen that said “OOps… your order did not go through”. I immediately hit the back button and it returned me to the final page where I just checked Pay Pal and entered again. The same “Oops ” screen appeared. At this point, I thought there was something wrong with the site and did not attempt again. | A few days later, two charges appeared on my Pay Pal credit account. I immediately called Pay Pal and explained the situation. I told them that I would receive one order and refuse the second order. I left instructions with my secretary to do just that when the shipments came in. She was instructed to receive the first box and refuse the second. Upon my return from vacation, I had a box waiting for me. When I opened it, the box contained 8 pairs of insoles. I only needed 4, so I wanted to return 4. | After the receipt of the box and analyzing the situation, I Googled this company, Swell Ecomm and realized that they are in the habit of scamming their customers. The Pay Pal site alone has over 50 complaints on this company, other sites on the internet have numerous complaints as well. It has been hell to work with the Pay Pal dispute department! First of all, they outsource this department to foreign countries and I feel that sometimes what you are explaining or saying gets lost in translation. Secondly, their suggestion on how to handle this dispute was all over the place. The time I have lost every time a dispute got denied has been countless. | 1. Let’s start by the fact that Pay Pal should protect their customers and if they have all these complaints on the same company, they should cancel their merchant services. I’m sure they are racking up a lot of money with all the fraudulant transactions from this company. | 2. Swell Ecomm Ent Lmtd, charged twice with the false pretense that orders were not being processed. I wonder how many people are scammed this way? | Swell knows this is not a mistake as a person who wanted 8 pairs of insoles would have ordered all together to get a much better price. | 3. Both orders shipped in same box so that they can not be returned. They tell Pay Pal that customer did receive all products and they have a tracking number. | 4. There are no numbers that work for this companies customer service. | I will be placing my complaint with IC3.gov and also placing a complaint with the BBB and local authorities. | It is rediculous that a company can continue to scam others daily.


  • Name: Swell Ecomm Enterprises Limited
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • State: England
  • City: LONDON
  • Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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