Swift Remodeling South LLC Review


Swift Remodeling incorrectly installed a piece of plumbing in my home instead of paying a licensed plumber to take care of it. This improperly installed part burst three days after I moved in, causing extensive water damage to my bathroom and floor. | Both the plumber on site and the seller of the home confirm that Swift Remodeling had exclusive access to that area of the home. Jason Swift claims that the installation was inspected, but both the home and city inspector sent written statements that they did not inspect that specific installation as he claims. The city inspector further advised that Swift never reached out to complete the inspection, and the project is still listed as open. | The plumber hired by Swift Remodeling forwarded text messages to my phone of Mr. Swift stating he is deliberately withholding any further information on plumbing he installed so that I could not hold him accountable. Do not use this contractor, and do not buy or rent any home they remodeled. |


  • Name: Swift Remodeling South LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Charlotte
  • Address: 8427 Red Cypress Ct
  • Phone: 7048773802
  • Website: www.swiftremodelingsouth.com/

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