SwimOutlet Complaint


After waiting two weeks for my order to process and ship I found it needed to be exchanged I went on the site and filled out the EZ exchange form for the item I wanted. So I shipped it back on my own dime. TEN days later I get an E-mail saying I got a refund No mention of the exchange when I called the line was busy for an hour. I went to the online chat to get help and asked to be called back, Chris said it would take 10 min… never happen. 30 min later I called and finally got through. I got no real help the guy I spoke with he did not now if I was going to get an exchange he just kept saying it could take up to two weeks to process. Process what? He did not know how to find out if the exchange was or was not ever going to happen. SAVE YOUR TIME, DONT GIVE SWIMOUTLET A DIME!

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