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My custom-built desktop PC was left for diagnostics at SWS Computers who chose to steal, part out, and sell my computer without my knowledge or notifying me whatsoever. If I were to estimate, I would guess the total value to be in the $1,250-1,500 range. However, as anyone knows, the files were priceless. For a little background, I did not receive any updates regarding the status of the diagnostics work, so I chose to give them a call. Their employee then notified me that my computer and its expensive upgrades/parts, (not to mention sensitive and sentimental files/pictures dating back for years) had been parted out piece by piece and sold. They said this was because I did not make an attempt to pick up the computer within 30 days of drop-off, even though I was not notified of any updates from them by e-mail, phone, or by mail. It seemed almost as if they were banking on this on the hope that they could sell my computer to the highest bidder. Now, this downright illegal policy of seizing customer property after 30 days was not listed anywhere on their list of rules, regulations, and policies as posted on their website. So as you can imagine, I was completely surprised and caught off-guard by this and really thought and wanted to believe they were joking. I deem this to be a completely unfair, dishonest, unethical, shameless, and petty business practice. Stealing from your clients who have put their trust in you is just plain wrong. I would expect this from a big box store, but not from a locally owned business. It’s shameful and if I were the owner, I would at least try to make things right the best I could. Not the case with SWS Computers. Just a downright awful business. I simply did not have the time to work on the PC myself because I’m a student who works full-time to get through school. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a case of age discrimination. SWS most likely did not expect I would do much about the situation. However, I took them to small claims court and won a meager $150, barely enough to cover your legal costs. This win helped in principle, but I still never got my files back which is all that I really wanted from this disasterous customer service experience. Imagine leaving your car at your local repair shop only for them to tell you that they have parted it out and sold it. Could SWS really be likened to a scuzzy, underground computer chop shop? Charges would be filed against the responsible party and they would be in jail for their crime. I urge anyone in the Tucson area who is considering doing business with or currently is doing business with SWS to avoid this business at all costs. It seems they will do anything to make a profit and I hope this experience will help others to avoid a similar situation. SWS Computers’ Owners & Corporate Officers:nFred H. Kasper Jr, Presidentn(2241 EAST 7TH STREET, TUCSON, AZ 85719) Kathleen Maison, Director AKA Kathleen J. Kaspern(2241 EAST 7TH STREET, TUCSON, AZ 85719)

3731 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, Arizona United States of America

(520) 628-1613


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