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Synergy capital contacted me abouto two months ago for a loan. At the time I was finishing up a loan with On Deck Capital which they said they could get refinanced for me and they said they could save me money on my payment. I spoke with Jeffery Accime who requested I send him twelve months of my business banking statements which I did. The whole time they misrepresented themselves and I was told they were Direct funders. Anyway, after a day, Jeffery called and approached me with an offer of 75k for 9 months at a 39% interest rate with a payback of 103,750 at 548.94 a day. At the time I thought this was a very high rate but after some smooth talking by Mr. Accime who told me if I made my payments for two months they would provide me with more funds at a more aggressive rate and forgive the interest on the first round. I requested for him to send me contractsome and when I received them the Contract the heading was that of a CAN capital. I questioned Jeff about this and was told that they used CAN capital for contract, undwriting and collection purposes but that the funds would be provided by Synergy. This raised red flags for me so I did some research and discovered that Mr Accime moonlights as an aspiring street hip hop artist. While not a fan of this type of music, I do not knock anyone for their hobbies but found it strange a business banker who supposedly syndicates on 6 figure loans would choose this as a past time; another red flag. After a few days time, I was contacted by a representative of CAN Capital and was told that Synergy were nothing more than brokers and that the reason the rate was so high was because they were looking to generate a commission. The CAN rep offered me the same deal at a lower rate. At this point, I was done with the lot of them and instead renewed my deal with On Deck Capital. I thank God every day for not doing business with these con artists and liars who will over promise and under deliver in an effort to misrepresent themselves to generate a quick commission. I advise any other business owner to do the same. I was contacted by Synergy again last week and realized they are still up to their old tricks so decided to warn other merchants against working with these crooks. I have been a hard working business owner of 20 years and if I had taken that deal it would have seriously strained my margins as I hit a slow season not long thereafter. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

Staten Island, New York USA


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