Synergy Fitness Clubs Review


The company has a terrible management system. When you try to cancel, you have to send a cancellation letter 30 days prior to your cancellation by certified mail. If you don’t do this, they will keep charging you. | I sent in my cancellation and they called me saying that I still owe them money for 3 months. Because I didn’t pay for these 3 months, they couldn’t cancel my membership. They reported me to a debt collector company because nobody explained to me that this was their policy. Only when I called the debt collection company they told me about this policy. | I don’t understand their rules and they do not communicate clearly. They want to take your money as much as they can. | Please stay away from this gym, there are lots of other gyms in the city that are much much better. I tried to cancel 3 times and nobody got back to me and meanwhile they kept charging my bank account. I had to put a stop on my bank account because they kept charging. | They are frauds, they want to take your money no matter how little you pay for the monthly fee. | I hope they are out of business soon because that’s what they deserve. Stay away!


  • Name: Synergy Fitness Clubs
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Astoria
  • Address: 23-35 Broadway
  • Phone: 718-267-7700
  • Website:

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