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Complaint: I am writing this report because I am extremely disapointed at the attention givin to me by a secretary at a doctors office I was recommended to. The person I am reffering to is named Frank. I went to the doctors office on a friday and asked for help with a simple health check up for a security license I am aplying for. He tells me that pocedures have changed and he needed to find out for himself what is needed exactly for my specific cituation and that he would call me on monday to let me know what he found out which is something I completely understood. I called the office monday morning and spoke to another secretary leaving her with the phone number to the Florida Department of Agriculture that requires the health check up for the lisence. She told me she would get in touch with Frank and let him know. I called back in the afternoon after not recieving a phone call. I spoke with Frank and told him I had left the number to call and find out the information and he told me he knew nothing about it. Obvious to me, he had no intention of finding out anything about my cituation. He then tells me he’ll find out and call me back. I get a call from him 5 minutes later telling me they don’t do that. I ask him “you dont do physicals?”” He responds by saying “”we don’t do that!”” I got the feeling he did’nt care or even try an attempt to help me. I found it a displeasure going to that doctors office and don’t care about ever going there again.”

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