syssoftware hubworld Review


While on my computer, suddenly a window popped up telling me that I was a security risk and gave a phone number to call. My computer was frozen and I did not know how to fix the problem. So I called them and they told me I had the Trojan virus plus several others. My computer is new so I was surprised but they seemed knowledgeable and were very helpful. However, no one I talked to could speak English very well and I talked to several people. They charged me $149.00 to fix the problem which I paid only $100 by debit card because that was all I could afford at the time. The next day, my facebook page was half in Spanish and half in English. I called them, and once again poor English spoken, and they fixed the problem at no charge. I have not been able to find this company on BBB and am not sure re: their credibility. My bank told me today that it looked suspicious and I made necessary changes. The incident sounds like a scheme that BBB just put information out on re: how to recognize these scams and not to call the number they gave but I didn’t know at the time. And have been unable to locate any information on this company.

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