Systweak Software Review


They have a number of products on line. They cram additional software when you try to download one of their products. In my case Regclean Pro was crammed even though I deleated the check mark in the accept box. Once it loaded it ran a scan, and then would not allow itselft to be killed off without “Registering”. No amount of money was listed until I used Task manager and Programs to delete the program. In summary: They cram software and are somewhat deceptive in what they are trying to load. The product (Regcleaner Pro) is suspect because the reports it gives seem to be inflated. The product does not allow escape from their Sales / Register system. After clearing out the software a web page came up offering me the product for $9.99 with a claim that that was 50% off; their web page says the cost is USD26.95. Over all a poor performance, I blasted them in WOT as did many other.

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