T. Allen Hanes Review


In 2015, T. Allen Hanes approached me at a conference in which I was one of the featured speakers. He introduced himself, complimented my speech and proceeded to pitch me on a book publishing package. The book package included a custom book cover, guaranteed #1 Amazon Best Seller in multiple categories, a celebrity quote for the book cover, 2 press releases (before and after), a radio interview syndicated to major markets, a social media campaign, a book launch party and 50 copies of the book. This seemed like a great deal so I enthusiastically purchased the book publishing package. | After the conference I never heard from T. Allen Hanes. When several months passed, I contacted T. Allen Hanes many times to get started with no success. No return call, no email, no text. NOTHING. Nine months later, towards the end of 2016, T. Allen Hanes finally sent me a short text saying he was busy but would start working on my book soon. | I asked him for a specific time table with no reply. Since then, I have reached out several times only to be ignored. It is now 2018, three years later and NOTHING has been done on my book publishing package. I have chased and chased and chased T. Allen Hanes to the point of rage. T. Allen Hanes ripped me off with no intention of fulfilling the services I bought. | I contacted the host of the conference where I met T. Allen Hanes to ask for their help. I explained what transpired and they shared that they had also received several other complaints of the same nature and that T. Allen Hanes was banned from attending any future events. | Since this happened, I researched T. Allen Hanes which I should have done before whipping out my credit card. Interestingly, prior to 2015 there isn’t anything to be found. T. Allen Hanes is new to book publishing and just started public speaking in the last 2 years, he is not established. One particular finding was with T. Allen Hanes talking in several of his videos that he never went to college. However, T. Allen Hanes published his own book on Amazon which he called himself the Rev. Dr. Tracy A. Hanes. Yep, same guy. I copied the information from Amazon and emailed it to him asking for an explanation with no reply. | T. Allen Hanes is still actively advertising for more book publishing victims, don’t be duped like me and several others. |


  • Name: T. Allen Hanes
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Hitchcock
  • Address: 7440 Highway 6 Apt #1214
  • Phone: 281-910-8728
  • Website: www.tallenhanes.com/

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