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Complaint: Tony Zapata, the owner of T & G Construction stole 2,000.00 from me. In October of 2016 I paid Tony Zapata, owner of T & G Construction for a new roof, new fascia, to repair, replace boards that would not look undamaged after painting (with hardy board) and to paint my chimney, to paint the gable siding and trim per our contract. He only repaired one side of the bottom half of our chimney and said he would repair the top part and the rest of the chimney AFTER the supplement money comes in. He said insurance companies will not pay for supplements until AFTER they have proof the work was done. (I had NEVER filed for a supplement before and I trusted this guy because his company built 30′ feet of our cedar fence my church paid for in February that is nice.) The repair his guys did on the bottom part of my chimney had a big gap between two siding boards that I personally caulked myself to protect my chimney from water damage. They did return to paint over my caulk job; however, the trim from top to bottom as well as numerous boards I paid him to replace with hardy board and paint have not been done. I had to call my insurance company to find out why I never received the supplement money as well as the depreciation for my completed roof job and they told me they never heard of Tony and neither did they receive any information that any work was completed. I had to ask them to come by my house to prove the work was done. Only then did they pay me for the roof depreciation. Now a couple of months later, my chimney is still tattered. Tony has not responded to a certified letter I sent him on December 19th and neither will he respond to my emails or phone calls. It took his guys 5 FULL working days to remove and replace my roof which is only 25 squares. He did not put the high definition shingles on my roof as we agreed either. I told him I LOVE my next door neighbor’s brown, multi-colored roof and that’s what I wanted (and still want). He made me feel it was my entire fault that I did not get the High Definition shingles I requested. I was given a bid yesterday by Rockwall Construction for 2,000.00 to complete the job I paid Tony to do. This is the same amount a construction owner from my church previously said I can sue T & G Construction for. He said it’s called price gouging. To repair the trim on the chimney, the fence that adjoins it must be removed and Tony was willing to do this (so he said!) (Ha! Ha! He never finished the work!) His workers were very slow, too. Run away from this sweet talker. He will take your money FAST!

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Address: 5050 Dexham Rd. #C Rowlett, Texas USA


Phone: 972-2782882

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