Taco Bell roanoke rapids North Carolina


Complaint: I visited the Taco Bell in Roanoke Rapids, NC and went through the drive thru to make my purchase. The total came to $4.04 and I gave the clerk $20.04. She gave me my food (which is usually the last thing they give you after your change) and I drove off. I immediately realized I did not get my $16.00 in change and went directly back into the drive thru line to tell them. The manager asked me to pull around front or to come in and watch her count the register. I told her I would wait out front. She came out and told me their register was actually $2.00 short. I told her my pocket book was $16.00 short and I wanted my money. I told her I did not care what their register said, someone in Taco Bell had my money and I wanted it back. This was my last $20.00 that I have just wasted for 3 tacos. She said I could talk to the district manager who happened to be there, so he comes out and said well – our register is fine and it is our “policy”” that if the register is fine

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Address: we cannot refund the money! I could not believe it. I then told the manager that not only did I not get my change

Website: and he couldn’t talk any sense into this manager. Also

Phone: I never even got a receipt. So he said he would refund me the $4.04 because the “”policy”” is that if you are not given a receipt

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