Tali Atia Las Vegas Nevada Review


So we booked this place on Expedia.com here –> expedia.com/Los-Angeles-Hotels-Great-Tarzana-Guest-House.h15921096.Hotel-Information for a weekend stay to come in and visit a friend. Picked the location due to how close it was for the friends party and the place seemed promising for the price. We couldn’t find any bad reviews on the property and It’s on Expedia.com so we think it’s got to be legit. On our way to LA all packed up, 3 hours before we are supposed to check in, we get a message from the Property manager that they were CANCELING and we could not stay there!! What the? Got ahold of the owner at (818) 322-8254 and got a bunch of dumb excuses and told that nobody would be there to get us access to the property. This property is being advertised for rent at Hotels.com, Expedia.com, Travelocity, etc. What kind of owner CANCELS on guests 3 hours before they are supposed to check into the property?? If we cancelled 24 hours before we are supposed to show up, we would have been charged a fee. Half Way to LA and had to find another place to book a place to say and we Obviously had to pay last minute prices. Major Inconvenience trying to find something to fit our needs at the last minute. So far, we have not received any explanation from Expedia. AVOID this RIP-OFF like the plague.

19031 Friar St Reseda, California USA




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