Tami Watras North Carolina North Carolina


TAMI WATRAS – HOMEWRECKER IN PINEHURST NORTH CAROLINA || Tami Watras in Pinehurst NC had an affair and a resulting baby with my husband of 35 years. He was on temporary assignment and this woman saw my husband as fair game – knowing full well that he was married with 3 children. He said that Tami had come onto him several times, but he had successfully shut down her advances. Unfortunately on a business trip out of town, he had too much to drink and acted upon them. She had tried twice before unsuccessfully to have in vitro fertilization to become a single parent so she was all too willing to have unprotected sex. Their relationship was winding down as I hear it when she got pregnant. But now, she convinced my husband that as the biological dad, he was the only one capable to father this child. Our marriage of 35 years was inconsequential to her and the collateral damage she inflicted on me, my three children, and extended family and friends was never once a consideration to her. In fact, to this day that woman has no remorse! || My husband wanted to stay in the marriage with me and asked me to consider taking this child into my life. I tried to think about how that could work, I decided it couldn’t. He then agreed to never see the child again and begged me to please not leave him and our marriage. All the while during this time, Tami was writing him emails and trying to get him to continue seeing her and this child. While we were in the midst of trying to work things out quite literally within one month of me learning about this affair, Tami traveled through the state of North Carolina visiting other co-workers and introducing this child as my husband’s baby. So discretion was no longer an option. Presumably she didn’t realize what that said about her character – or lack thereof. In the end, I couldn’t see how our marriage could possibly survive this and I asked for a separation. Ultimately, I moved back to my hometown taking a job that paid much less than what I had been making. || This predatory woman mistook my kindness for weakness, and my trust for stupidity. I am neither weak nor stupid. This is very similar to what happened to Elizabeth Edwards when John Edwards ran around with Rielle Hunter. The outrage of an entire nation came down on them. Sadly, I donít have the national stage like Elizabeth Edwards did to voice my utter disdain for her vile actions, but I am grateful to have this platform. Tami has no remorse for what she has done and continues to show no remorse to this day. Why should she? She has her baby now and the bonus of someone to help her pay for it. The pain and suffering she has inflicted on others is of no consequence to her. || I have considered a criminal conversation lawsuit against this predatory woman, and frankly still am, but I understand that courts are leaning away from passing judgement in domestic issues. It blows my mind that if Tami assaulted me on the street, I could press charges, but in this case, Tami stole everything that mattered to me and everything I have worked towards for the past 35 years, and I am completely powerless. I have felt much like a rape victim in many ways. In fact a rape victim would have more rights and garner more sympathy from the courts apparently. This episode has taken a toll on me physically, emotionally, financially, as well as spiritually. There is virtually no aspect of my life that has not been negatively affected by this predatory womanís despicable and vile actions. She is beneath contempt.

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