TAN Travelers Advantage Network Cold Spring Kentucky Review


I bought into their time share program in roder to access their last minute inventory, which is actually a good deal. It seemed pricey to join, but you get a free 2 night stay in a Marriott and $300 in free gas. I have never received either. The Limitations on the Marriott make it seem like the only place where there is availabilty is Bismarck ND in the middle of January (i tried San Francisco in January, well in advance and there was no availibilty. Of course the process takes months to go through so you cannot plan ahead with them . I also filled out the slips for the free gas. After 4 months, I have not received a dime. Their properties are hopefully legit, but their “perks”” are not. nLynnnCold Spring


www.planwithtan.com Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A.

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