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Complaint: I told my son I would pay for the repair of the Transmission on his SUV. My son called Tanner Transmission after the shop by his house in Grantsville said it would take them nearly two weeks to get his SUV in to repair his transmission. They had quoted him $2500.00 to rebuild his transmission. He told Tanner of the quote and they told him that they would do it for the same price. The vehicle was not operable and Tanner told them they would tow it to thier shop for free. He told them to go ahead with the job. Tanner Transmission sent a tow truck to my sons home in Grantsville and picked up his SUV and towed it to their shop. The next morning they called my son and told him that his vehicle was vandalized and his tires and wheels were stolen from his SUV while on their shop property. The Tires were pretty new and the wheels were expensive ones we have receipts for both, there was some other damage to the vehicles body as well. They told him that they would take care of it and take it off of the cost of the transmission rebuild. They said that they never had anything like that happen before which does make me suspicious as to who may have taken the tires and wheels. They did file a police report which fully documents the vehicle was in their possession and care when this happened. My son went in to pick up the SUV today (9/12/2016) with his receipts for the tires and wheels in hand. They told him that the cost was 2900.00 not the 2500.00 that they agreed to and that they were not doing anything about the theft and vandalism to my sons SUV, that it was the same if he had left it in a K-Mart parking lot and had that happen. The main point is that once they sent their tow truck and picked up the vehicle they took control and responsibility for it’s care and should have put it in a secure location their liability is not even questionable in this matter. I had him ask them to provide him with their companies Registered Agent so we would know who to serve when we sued them. The employee called his manager or owner and the only thing they would provide is that they were insured by Farmers Insurance, no agent no information nothing. I fully intend to take legal action against Tanner Transmission and to do all I can to stop anyone from using this dishonest company. They will pay for the tires, wheels, damage, attorney fees and I hope some punitive damages.

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: 4931 South Redwood Road Taylorsville , Utah USA

Website: www.tannertransmissions.com/

Phone: 801-657-3821

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