Tantrum Hair Extenstions Complaint


Absolutely disgusted with the hair and experience, I cannot believe this company is still trading!! I complained about the colour as it did not match and then I was told to purple shampoo so then it will blend. It specifically said on the website to not do so but I listened to the owner… the extensions then went bright white and purple and I was told that I need to pay to have them taken out. The owner told me that she had seen the before and after photos and they looked fine however NO photos were taken before and after they were put in but I was refused these apparent photos… I was called a liar! I had them professionally taken out because I was told by Tantrum that I would need to pay although it was their muck up !! I now have very thin hair as they hacked my hair to apparently blend but my hair is now ruined. I feel totally cheated and they will not refund any money and I had the awful hair in for 2 days !!! I will be taking this further !! DO NOT GET TANTRUM TO DO YOUR HAIR !!!

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