Tara Linn Kates – Wichita, Kansas Kansas


So i married my now ex husband in september two yrs ago. When we got engaged we had our ups and downs but never did we cheat. When we got married in 2012 we mainly fought about money problems and he would leave to go see his mom and cool down. Well tara still lived there because she had no where to go since my husband’s brother broke up with her. I told roy i didn’t like him spending time around her i didn’t trust her. But he ignored me and kept going over to his moms whenever we got in the tinyest of fights. Then when he was around me he would get calls from her and she would tell him things about her kids. I asked him why he needed to know these things. He said she was just asking for her advice. I didn’t believe it but i didn’t have no proof anything was going on. Then he wanted to take a break and i said fine after realizing id lose him if i didn’T let him. Come to find out he was stayn in her shed at her parents house and working for them when we were on our break. || So i kicked him out told him i was done. He then continued to stay there and be intimate with her. I kept calling him to tell him to come get all his stuff outta my apartment. and shed answer telling me to leave him alone and that he was hers. Mind u during this time i was still married to him. And shed always have his phone i gave him to use but not keep that was mine. Well when i did get a hold of him to come get all his stuff i was packing up he’d say he was coming but then would be told by tara kates that i was gunna call the cops for him to get arrested on his warrants. Which was not the case. She just never wanted him and i together. Well i finally gathered all his stuff i found a used condom in my dresser he used. That was my last straw. Him and i never used condoms cause i’m fixed. And we were married there was no need to. I realized finding that condom that he was screwing other b*tches in my apartment. While i was at work. I threw all his shit out into the dumpster. But not before giving all his tools to the neighbor guy a few apartments down. Then i moved on after this and a year later filed for divorce. But you guys got to realize roy cheated on me 2 months after we got married with a girl with the same first name as me who was supposedly pregnant with his brothers baby. A little over a year later and i do find out it was roys brothers baby. i cant express enough how glad i am that i am no long involved with him.

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