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I had purchased an Xbox one game at Target Along with an xbox console, a controller, and three other games. It was suggested to me by a store employee. He said that it was kind of like Minecraft So we purchased it. Christmas morning my seven year old son opened all of the xbox stuff and wanted to play. The game that was suggested to us by the Target employee was a junk game that had no point. It was nothing like Minecraft. this game cost $40. I have the reciept and the game. I took it back to Target. The Target employees said that since the game had been opened that i could not return it. I could only exchange it for the same exact game. I could not get a refund or get another game for the same price. I was so mad that i left and went to Gamestop and sold this game to them for $1.50. I bought my son a new game at game stop. Target does not stand behind their products or the products that they sell. They take your money and they are done with you. THANKS ALOT FOR NOTHING TARGET. I will no longer be shopping there. We spent at least $900 on gifts for my family. You cant exchange a $40 game. Wow that is bad business. Take care of your customers and they will take care of you. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. .

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