At some of the Target stores locally and nationally they all share the same type of problems with the Target Guest / Visa card. The problem is not generated at the corporate level, it is at the store level. These problems range from simply Data Entry-misinformation errors to Team Member theft / Fraud. Target has done little to protect the guest from the missuse of their card information, other than installing the SMART CHIP into all the new Visa cards being issued. The only thing that Target has done was that they sent out an ADVISORY last month, warning the Public about the high rate of theft & Fraudulent charges being done on some Target card. Some of the fraudulent acts & other problems with the card include the following: n1. The Team member telling the guest only the bare minim about the card, not mentioning to the guest that the 10% is only upon approval and that the transaction has to go on to the new card. n2. The Team member lying to the guest, making the Target credit card more incising than it really is, like making it sound like a “safeway”” discount card n3. The Instore Instant Credit contests which turns the business of getting a credit card in to a competition among the Team members to help boost the stores instant credit rating. n4. Credit card number theft at the front lanes. n5. Purposely placed errors

Sometimes the team member on the other end of the application at “”Retailers National Bank”” purposely misspell the person’s last or first name on the account to divert the payment in to a holding account generating late payments on the account until the Guest calls to correct the error. n6. Fraudulent processing of applications

sometimes other team member fill out an instant credit application on someone else without their full consent

or just doing out of spite to get back at someone that might have done something to that they feel requires a revenge act. nThese are only a few of the ways that fraud can occur at Target. Another major way for Target is right up at the Front Lanes

about 75% of the cashiers are honest but there are about 25% that are dishonest and that is where most of the fraud comes from. One of the most common types of fraud is credit card # theft from the secondary receipt that prints up for you to sign after you make a charge. Since the introduction on the smart chip technology that stores your name on the card and prints it on the bottom line of that receipt

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