Target Spring Hill Florida Review


Target willfully misleads customers into thinking they will save 5% off their purchases just like a rewards card. The cashiers are misinformed and tell the customers all you need is your drivers license and personal check. This is not a rewards card at all, it’s either a Credit Card and or a Debit Card linked directly to your bank account. Target wants any and all personal information they can get from you including your birth date, social security number, drivers license, address, phone, email, etc.This is never mentioned at all until after your half way thru w/ your time wasted. No where on their brochure does it mention anything about your privacy. I felt completely taken advantage of and was very annoyed by Target’s business practices. I knew before I even got to target’s website to read about how target would use my personal information that they had no intention to protect my information. In fact they’ll share this information with whom ever they choose. It’s a disgrace!I called Target thru their website and was directed to the Philippines and their customer service agent. I asked to speak to an American and was transferred and put on hold for forty minutes. Then was directed to a employee that was polite and a good listener but involved and or connected to the store’s issues and the Red Card scam.After this I called back to Target after finding their phone number on an internet search for their home office location (the number is not listed on line at their website). In addition there is not a single name of a corporate executive, and or any administrative managers. Upon reaching the corporate office and being directed to a customer service rep. I explained the reason for my call and he assured me he’d transfer me to the Debit department of the Red Card there in Minneapolis, MN. He transferred me back to the Philippines. After calling back and asking for a manager, the receptionist refused to give any names and hung up the phone on me. I called and again and was disconnected by their prompt system. The third call was directed immediately back to the Philippines… The forth call was directed to Arizona…Please note that Target purposely misleads their customers into saving the 5% so they can get all of your personal information to use, transfer, sell, and or take advantage of their customers however possible. There is no oversight by the United States Government and this is how the companies get away w/ it. I politely and pointedly asked that my Debit card account be closed, erased, and for all information regarding my identity be removed from Target’s gathered pool of information. I was assured that process would take place but it would take up to ten business days. In addition I was promised that they would not share my information w/ third parties. I do not believe anything at all regarding Target and or any of the Banks doing business in the U.S.Once your identity is stolen and you have to hire an attorney to clean up your credit and history this type situation is not funny at all. You can bet your last dollar Target would do nothing to help you straighten out having your information stolen. See no evil, hear no evil, and pretend like their innocent third parties. It’s a disgrace…If Target wants to promote Bank Cards, Debt and or Credit Cards why don’t they promote it as such. Inform the customer before hand they want all of your personal information including the social security number, birth date, etc. In fact why not try to get the net worth, medical information, and other credit card information from the customers too. See how many people would sign up.Lastly, after all these attempts in contacting Target I never heard from and or spoke to any manager at Target. They obviously have a secret corporate staff unavailable to the public and or their customers. I’ve never seen any company operate this poorly.

Minneapolis, Minnesota United States of America


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