Target Store Red Card Fresno California Review


I have the misfortune of carrying a $200 credit limit Target Red Card Last month july 23, 2013 I made a payment online late evening but not before midnight because after midnight would be the 24th at least that is what i have been taught. Assuming i was ok making my payment on the 23rd WHICH IS THE DUE DATE! I called Target Red Card and asked them to reverse the unjustified charge they said no beacuse i made payment after 5 PM according to them and i made it online it recorded as payment on the 24th to make matters worse i was told by their manager that had i made that payment over the the phone I would have been ok IS THIS A DOUBLE STANDARD OR WHAT! Im thinking the fastest way to make it online since it leaves a time stamp, this manager agreed i was right but i was wrong! acoording to their policy, so now my payment wont have any worth ill be where i was 30 days ago what a sleazy way to ripp you off. If you call Target Red Card, never does it mentiion the exact hour your payment must record It only gives you the date and when you make it online on the due date it stamps for the 24th unless you make it early that day. This is sure way to fatten up the bottom line for these quasi crooked banks and pad the bottom line of their CEOs We need one and only one standard , For example when the post office says POSTMARKED FOR SUCH A DATE THE HOUR IS ALWAYS MIDNIGHT LOGICALLY WHEN THE DAY ENDS WHICH IS CORRECT. Bottom line if target tells me my due date is he 23rd than it should be the 23rd not the 22nd and a half!

Fresno, California USA

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